Calculate the Beta Coefficient of a stock

Beta CoefficientAs part of the Corporate Finance subject of my MBA we have to calculate the beta coefficient (aka Beta) of a company’s share price. The is applied economics and market mathematics, but it simply is a number which indicates how closely (or not) a company’s share price moves in relation to a broader market (or an index like the S&P ASX200 or the Dow Jones Industrial Average).

Anyway, part of the process is to create an excel format spreadsheet to aid with the calculation. I’ve done it and thought I share it with you. It will work with any spreadsheet program that can open .xls files

Update 1: 31 July 2009 the new version is available for testing by requesting it in a comment below. Once the testing is complete I’ll make it freely available to registered users.

Update 2: 7 July 2011 For a limited time you can get the Beta Coefficient Calculator without registering. Enter a valid email address in this form to receive a link to download the file. You’ll also get an email about new versions and bug fixes (with an opt-out link).

Update 3: 23 July 2011 If the form doesn’t work for you, please comment below and I’ll email it to you. The form is quicker but some people can’t get the download.

Enter your email address to download Beta Coefficient Calculator by Wealth Esteem

Version 0.9 beta_8
* Enabled automatic download via web form
* Added French and German to Translation tab (alpha code there)

Version 0.9 beta_7
* Fixed bug in date text description
* Updated sample data to 6 Jun 2011
* Changed sample data to BHP Billiton
* Made Instructions tab text translatable
* Cosmetic fixes

Version 0.9 beta_6
* Explained Translation tab in instructions and asked for volunteers
* Updated sample data to 2011
* Updated copyright date to 2011

Version 0.9 beta_5
* Added Change Log tab
* Moved text of index symbol & stock symbol to translation tab

Version 0.9 beta_4
* Added explanation of index and stock symbol fields on Beta Coefficient tab
* Updated copyright date to 2010

Version 0.9 beta_3
* Added email address to instructions tab

Version 0.9 beta_2
* Added logic to translate number of periods to a date range and show that range to users in Beta Coefficient tab at C11
* Swapped order of Security and Index tabs
* Fixed bug in coefficient calculation
* Introduced version numbering and control

Version 0.9 beta_1
* Updated instructions tab

Version 0.9 beta
* Initial public version

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93 thoughts on “Calculate the Beta Coefficient of a stock”

  1. Dear Paul, i just came across your blog and will be immensely grateful if you could send me a copy of your latest excel beta calculations with the formula. you will be a life saver doing this.

    best regards

  2. Hi Paul,

    This is Dhiren, I have read lot many comments and appreciation for your excel sheet. I am also enthusiastic to have this sheet in my laptop. Can you be please so nice to me?
    I will be greatful to you, if you do so please.

  3. hi! um working on my assignment which will be due on the 26th, would you please plase email me the excel sheet, if you still have it..thank you soooooo much.

  4. hi! um working on my assignment which will be due on the 29th, would you please please email me the excel sheet, if you still have it..thank you soooooo much.


  5. Hi Paul,

    Kindly ask you to send me your excel spredsheet for calculation of beta coefficient.
    Corporate Finance is realy pleasent subject ! You can really contribute for that with your spread sheet.

  6. Hi Paul,

    I am working on a research work that required to analyze beta values. Can you please send me the Beta Calculation Spreadsheets.


  7. Okay everyone before this comment should have received their Beta Coefficient Calculator via email. Hopefully it made it through your spam traps.

    You can get the latest version by clinking on the link in the post above. We’re up to version 0.9beta_8

    Any support questions or feature requests please post them as a comment.


    1. The zip file contains a single excel spreadsheet. The first tab of the spreadsheet contains notes.

      Read the notes, follow the instructions, update the data and it will show you the Beta Coefficient of your security.

  8. Please leave a comment if you can’t get the spreadsheet. I’m reviewing the delivery method. Ideally I want to email the spreadsheet to you, but the plugin I use doesn’t do that well..

    Most comments will be moderated so wont show up immediately. But I do see them all.

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