BSD Senior Managers Charles, Niav-Nisim Hashoshan and Shlomi Avshalom

BSD Trade Services Closing

I’ve reports that BSD Trade Services is closing. They have told staff that today was their last shift, but have not explicitly said they are closing down.

In honour of the report I’ve been sent a photo of Senior BSD Managers Charles, Niav-Nisim Hashoshan, and Shlomi (Shlomo) Avshalom.

Update 5 July 2018: I’ve received a copy of the Memo from 29 June 2018.

BSD Trade Servies Closing Memo 2018-06-29
BSD Trade Servies Closing Memo 2018-06-29

It reads:

[BSD Letterhead]



FROM: The Management


DATE: June 29, 2018

This has reference to the above mentioned matter.

Please be informed after careful deliberation, the Board of Directors and Management have unanimously vote [sic] to dissolve the Corporation and therefore, business operation will officially cease effective on June 29, 2018. Reassured that the Company will comply with the legal requirements under the law for this purpose.

Please be guided accordingly.


Admin. Manager

Expect that the BSD operation will reopen at a new location, possibly under a new name and corporate structure. Reports suggest to look in Serbia, Brazil and Barcelona.

According to another source, part of the BSD team has an office in Cebu and are operating from there after the Clark office closure .

A source who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation said GWU has taken over most of the services from BSD, “They moved the customer support and some openers, BPO and IT but not the brokers.”

On a related note, affiliates of the HQBroker scam visit that page at the rate of 1,500 users per hour over the last 48 hours. The server is happily dealing with this traffic. So it is a rather poor DDOS attack. They are mainly using services in Pakistan, India, Vietnam and USA so it really stands out. Hey GWU/BPO Telecom hackers, if you are not scamming in the States, there is no reason for there to be any traffic from USA. Update: The USA traffic vanished after this note. In Total they sent us 110,000 visitors over 3 days 20 hours, then it stopped.

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