28 Days Later

Last Friday, Nella and I saw 28 Days Later directed by Danny Boyle.

This is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. I see it marketed as a horror movie but that is just plain wrong. Actually horror is correct if you use the pre-splatter film definition of the term. 28 Days Later invokes dread and fear for our heroes. I even considered covering my eyes at one spot. It is all done with suggestive editing. There is hardly any gore (but there is enough to set the scene).

This is the mother of zombie movies. It is also a top flight thriller. Basically a quick incubating and highly infectious virus called Rage is unleashed on humankind. 28 Days after initial exposure, London (and England) is a ghost town. Our hero awakes from a coma to discover empty streets and and super-fast rage-infected zombies. That’s all you need to know without spoiling it. Make sure you sit through the end credits or you’ll miss something important.

Nella and I talked about this movie afterwards for at least an hour. That is how much the movie affected us.

It looks like it was shot on Digital Video and that makes the film even grittier and creepy. It’s like watching video footage of the disaster.

Watch it even if you don’t like horror movies.