Upgrade to WordPress 1.5

WordPress, the software running this blog, was upgraded to version 1.5

That’s fantastic news as the new features look exciting. However the template system changes are non-trivial. After breaking it, I found these WordPress Upgrading 1.2 to 1.5 Instructions which got everything working properly again. It is a bit tricky – it isn’t obvious that you take your existing 1.2 files, edit them separately and put them into the template structure. Also the header in the style.css file is essential for it to work.

Please comment or email if something is broken. If you don’t know our email address try blog at this domain.

Moving by July

Nella and I can no longer stand the place we live in. We moved here as a temporary rental while we looked for something we liked and the market sorted itself out. Six months to a year and we’d then buy a bargain home.

Having two young kids I wanted a house and a yard. My eldest daughter had learned to ride her bike on the roof of our apartment block and I thought we needed space for the youngest to play outside. The house we found was affordable but a bit old and needing renovation.

Three years later we’re still here. Life can be like that. The kids have played outside a total of four times. Kids can be like that too.

Over the Christmas break we discussed moving, and made a deadline that by July we’d find a more suitable place and move.

Nella is betting that it will take us until July to find the right place and move.

I think once the decision is made and the deadline set, it will happen before then. There is a strange power about big changes. When the opportunity presents we’re ready to leap on it. So often it happens easier and quicker than planned.

Of course this could be my usual laid back self. And I’ll need to again publicly acknowledged Nella’s superior wisdom in these things.

Do what you love: love what you do

I’ve been thinking about what I do for a living.

Larry Madill, a blogger in Los Angeles breaking into the film industry, asked inlearning curves:

Now I wonder… Is that an impossible goal? Is it impossible to love what you do? Does it get so far under your own skin that eventually you get so disconnected from the reason you love doing it, thereby neutering it into just another “Job”? I wonder and I worry.

It takes passion and perserverance to build a life rather that earn a living. Hell, it takes something special to just earn a living for most of the world’s population.

Belief that it’s worth it makes us go on when the obstacles pile up. Or passion drives us to work out another way.

“They don’t pay me enough for this” can only be a joke when you do something you love. I remember when I first started working in IT, “You’ll pay me this much to play with computers? Cool!”

That doesn’t mean it’s all a bed of roses. There are always tasks and times that are no fun whatsoever. But on balance in the western world it is possible to pursue a vocation that inspires, sustains and encourages us.

I also don’t believe that a career choice must be for life. It is sad when I meet doctors or lawyers who feel trapped in their vocation because of the time they’ve investing in professional training. Financial realities often make career changes difficult, doesn’t that make the effort to change all the more rewarding?

Ah! So it comes down to the frame of reference. What about what I do makes it appealing? If I can’t “reframe” that into something positive and exciting then something has to change. Occassionally that change must be to my thought process and belief. Sometimes it is time to switch jobs or even careers.

Kitchen Renovation

One of the small investment units kitchen is in a bad way. It is showing its age and the cupboard doors under the sink are water damaged. I’ll see if I can get some digital photos.

The quote from the property manager’s handyman came in at $350 to supply and fit two cupboard doors! I figure a new kitchen would set me back about $1500 so this is not good.

Cashflow is tight so a new kitchen is unfortunately not feasable.

My uncle suggested getting a two new doors to replace the water damaged ones. So I went off to John’s Pineboard Centre at St Peters in Sydney. Richard talked me through the options and we decided to replace all the cupboard doors and the drawer fronts in a simple white melamine. This will cost me less than the $350 quote for the two doors (I’ll have the exact cost tomorrow).

While the kitchen cupboard carcases are not in fantastic condition they are good enough for now. The countertop is reasonable. The new tenant will love what looks like a renovated kitchen.

If you want to contact
Johns Pineboard Centre
Unit 1/1 Canal Road St Peters
(cnr. Princes Hwy)
Mon. to Fri. 8-4.30, Sat. 8-3
PHONE 02 9516 2121.

An organised life

In my Time Management post last year, I resolved to use my old Palm pilot to track my calendar. That didn’t work very well.

Mainly I was jumping between two desktop computers and my laptop, while my Palm V was already 4 years old. The technology was not reliable nor flexible enough.

I recently bought a Sony Ericsson P910i, it’s a phone/PDA combo. It is just different enough from the Palm OS to be frustrating but I’m sure I’ll get over it.

It is new and reliable. The battery stays charged. It doesn’t fail at the worst possible time. And now I have to carry just my phone, not my phone and a PDA.

Organised life nirvana.