Compiere not for us

On Friday we decided to abandon our trial of the Compiere ERP/CRM solution. We concluded that a company of our size with our resources was not ready to impliment Compiere at its current development level.

The stock control system was excellent. Our struggles were basically with GST and accounting. Compiere does not support GST inclusive pricing yet. We also couldn’t get payables reporting simplified enough to allow an accounts clerk to run it.

Lastly a related company has an unused license for another multi-location accounting product. So we’ve decided to trial that.

We want our system in place for 1 July 2004 so this should be interesting.

Legal Update

The wheels of justice keep turning. The settlement deed the other side prepared just sucked.

They told me it was totally not-negotiable so don’t bother getting legal advice just sign it. Yeah right. So my lawyers said don’t sign it.

So while the settlement negotiations fall apart we have mentions and orders on some of the legal fronts.

Actually I feel re-energised for the fight. Scary thought.

For the record most of this months entries were deliberately not published. I don’t need to
1) Telegraph my every move
2) Get sued further

Warehouse 2/2

We registered the new company last week. The domain isn’t in place yet so I can’t name it yet. Anyway today was our first trading day at the new location. Result: we covered the rent for the week. Yippee!

I’ve also decided to get a business mentor. That sounds like a fun challenge and the candidates list is looking good.

Ultimate Holding Company

Corporate Law Economic Reform 7 a.k.a. CLERP 7 introduced changes to how Australian companies are managed and regulated from 1 July 2003.

One interesting aspect is the requirment to report the Ultimate Holding Company of a Company. Does that mean that private companies whose shares are owned by corporate trustees (as trustee for a trust) have an ultimate holding company?

It took some digging but Division 6 (specifically s48 of the Corporations Act 2001 seems to say that fiduciary capacities are ignored. So for now, none of the companies on whose boards I sit are subsidiaries. I think I like it that way.

But by virtue of the definition of related body corporate they are all related entities. Actually the definition makes my brothers’-in-law companies related entities even though we are in different industries.

It might be time for Six Degrees of Australian Boardrooms. It’s a bit like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but I suspect related entity rules would see me and say Janet Holmes a Court being no more than three degrees away.

Try it, you may like it.

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Settlement Negotiations 4

Seems like they wanted me to sweat the weekend. Strangely I didn’t. I figured we were going to court, I’d tried to settle, agreeing to their demands and asking for time to pay. If they rejected it I’d see them in court and roll the dice.

This morning they called with a counter offer requesting interest on the unpaid balance. Once I triple checked their and my math I agreed. So we seem to have a settlement. Now we just need to draw up the deed. That should be interesting given how one-sided their Head of Agreement was.

Hopefully they’ll play it fairly straight. But I won’t believe it until the deed is signed.