Another reason to hate banks

I was chatting on IRC with Sim’ and we were commenting how great a browser Mozilla Firebird is. Now I discover it’s renamed and the latest version is out. Say hi to Mozilla Firefox 0.8

We don’t run IE unless absolutley necessary. I find that Internet Banking for the 4 banks I regularly use is biased towards IE. Despite not obeying any standards worth mentioning. So I need to run a Windows box and IE at work to make banking tolerable. For that matter NAB’s system claims to support Netscape 6 but version 7 is awkward.

So another reason to hate banks is they force me to use a browser that has been abandoned by it’s developer.

Just say no

There is tremendous power in saying “no”.

I get calls at work from telemarketers selling everything from telecommunications to charity fund raisers. Charity calls are easy. I politely advise them that I already support the charities of my choice by direct and indirect methods. I then thank them for the call and wish them good luck on the rest of their calls today.

I was having defficulties with a particularly well organised printer salesperson. Our main laswer printer blew up and I didn’t have time to sort it out. So I delegated it to my PA. She didn’t have time to sort it out. In the mean time this sales person knew we were in the market and was pursuing the opportunity. Unfortunately she wasn’t qualifying us correctly. We were not about to spend big dollars on an essentially SOHO printer. We conduct most of our business by fax and email, very little printing.

I was reluctant to tell the salesperson to go away because I thought “what if she’s got something good?” My PA and I worked out the sort of printer we needed and ruled the higher end solution out. Then I told the salesperson we’d decided on a different direction. Politely, firmly and with a smile. End of interruptions end of second guessing.

We got the new printer a week later.

It’s about relationships

I sometimes meet readers face-to-face at an event or function. Many of them ask why I keep this journal on-line, especially the more difficult or personal aspects of my life. I don’t share about every aspect of my life, currently I don’t blog on the details of the legal skirmishes of the succession wars. I don’t want to give too much away to the Geezer or The Wicked Step Mother.

It’s about relationships. Will I make money from my readers? Not in any way I can see clearly enough to pursue right now. Someday I may write a book or three. But I am not pursuing that at the moment.

I’ve made some great friends online (who are currently sadly neglected because of the insanity of my life). Those friendships were created and nurtured by sharing a bit of who I am and what I believe.

In years to come who knows what good and bad things may come from putting this out there. But I’m sure the good will outweigh the bad.

In the meantime this blog is the best way I know to reach out and connect with people.

Of course I could just be a raving megalomaniac who didn’t get enough love as a child and wants lots of affirmation from strangers. Scary thought.


The police applied for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) after I was assaulted last year. So far the Geezer’s lawyers have argued it is not a “real” application, but a tactic of the succession wars. So far the Magistrate has allowed the Geezer to give undertakings not to contact me without lawyers. That lacks the strength of an AVO.

After the assault matter was heard (he pled guilty, no conviction recorded) a date was set to hear the AVO application.Next week we’re in court. I don’t think the Magistrate will grant the application – the Geezer has stuck to the letter of his undertakings – so why go through with the application? I prefer to focus on the fights I can win. If an order is not made the Geezer will probably feel he “won” that fight.

On the other hand the AVO complaint is because there are fears that the Geezer ”may physically hurt, or harass, intimidate, or molest or stalk” me. My staff hate me working late alone. My family get nervous about threats that have been made against me. I know the Geezer would go for round 2 if there were no witnesses around.

But do I want to go through the pain of proving on the balance of probabilities that I fear the Geezer and those fears are reasonable.

The most annoying thing about the matter is that AVO’s were created for circumstances like these. They should be almost automatic. But a good lawyer can make voodoo happen. That reminds me that I saw Chicago (with Rene Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere) on Monday night.

Too much and not enough

We’ve been back at work for the last week but have been cleaning the warehouse and testing our Compiere ERP+CRM implementation. Going from MYOB to an ERP system is intimidating and overwhelming. I’ve had staff swearing at their machines for a week

It hasn’t helped that I also forced Linux on them as a new desktop. Hey I figured if we were going to redesign the company we might as well go all the way. We’ll either crash or crash through.

Let me clarify that. If the company must change to survive I could make incremental changes –change our business model while keeping accounting, stock control and back office systems constant. But we are a small company and I catch people (including myself) doing things the old way because our systems support doing things the way we’ve always done it.

If we don’t change we are out of business. If we can’t keep up with the changes we may fail. All I have to do is chart the course between too much and not enough. Now that’s an excursion for February.