Anthony Robbins info hunters

Hello Australians looking information on Anthony Robbins. Leave a comment telling me what you’re looking for. Regular’s might get a kick out of this search. I’m the top ranked site in Austalia for “Anthony Robbins”. How strange is that?

Disclosure: I have no affiliation whatsoever with Tony Robbins, Robbins Research, or Vision Pursuit. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Tony will be presenting Unleash the Power Within in Sydney on 26-29 September 2003. The Australian promoter is Vision Pursuit. I did Unleash The Power Within in 1999 or so. That firewalk is a mindblowing experience. Experienced firewalkers I know found the walk a bit short, but the coals were hot enough for me. Cool moss, cool moss, cool moss.

Yes I am a fan of Tony’s material and skills. But I don’t think I’m too rabid. Check out my critique on Wealth Mastery.

If you haven’t done a self improvement seminar there are tremendous practical skills at Unleash The Power Within. I’ve thought of re-doing it as a refresher.

Fair warning: the Robbins organisation are master sales people and exceptional trainers. Saying “no” to the cross-sell can be a challenge, but there are worse things to spend your money on than life-changing skills.

Some of you could learn the skills from Personal Power 2 on tape or CD [ link]. But most people don’t learn fast enough that way; they are a good reinforcement of the course. You can also look for a good course on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) or Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC) — that’s Tony’s update on NLP. There is a audio program available from

Do you need to do Unleash the Power Within (and then Mastery University) in order to be successful? No – Tony wasn’t around to teach Tony (or any of history’s other successes) in the beginning. If you are looking for a reason not to do it, I can’t help you – except to say the weekend is jammed full of experiential learning but introductory in nature. Implementing the skills is just as important as experiencing them in a weekend.

Hope this helps.

Young Entrepreneur Journey

This evening I came across Michael Simmons – Young Entrepreneur Journey. I’ll be watching his blog closely.

Michael is 21 and has achieved so much. A student at Stern School of Business at NYU and award winning young entrepreneur, he has written The Student Success Manifesto. Its subtitle is How to create a life of Passion, Purpose and Prosperity. His next goal is the Bestseller List by the end of the year.

Today in If I had only known, Michael posts how choosing the right professors rescued his experience of NYU in 18 months.

It seems he undersells himself in that post. In a few hundred words Michael shows enthusiasm and a passionate hunt for great teachers. Many people in his position would have quit and blamed poor classes. Why did he do look for (and find) great teachers? I don’t know but hopefully he’ll tell us soon.

But this isn’t a passive ride. What about us? Well, don’t stop at just professors. The same advice applies for locating champion members of our teams. His techniques work to find great mentors, finance brokers, accountants, lawyers and investment advisers. Take responsibility for the quality of your team. If something isn’t working make some changes.

Do something immediately to make this point stick. Make a call, write a note, but take some action right now.

Time for me to review my team and see if they are the greatest I can get.

Intelligence and Wealth

Oh no!

Richard Lynn has an article on Intelligence and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations, take a look at Table 4: IQs for 185 countries:
National IQs Based on the Results of Intelligence Tests and Estimated National IQs (marked by *) Based on the IQs of Neighbouring or Other Comparable Countries.

Now Richard’s research was highly controversial last time I heard about it in conjunction with US racial profiling.

I haven’t read the whole article, but Australia ranks 21st out of 185. That sounds good except that we score 98. I thought 100 was average. So now you know why we like to wear thongs (flip-flops not g-strings for the foreigners reading this) – no shoe laces.

It does reinforce my argument that smart people have a harder time creating wealth. It is easier to just follow a simple formula.

Open Books Management

I run my company with an open books policy. Staff on the payroll have a right to see the Profit and Loss statement as well as the Balance Sheet. I believe if I’m asking these guys to go on the journey with me, they have a right to know what risks we’re taking.

I’ve even offered to show the books to a key supplier or two. 😉 They declined but were apparantly impressed that I offered.

Compare my attitude with that of my uncles and father (or even of some younger business owners I know). These guys are terrified of their staff finding out they are profitable. One entrepreneur told me to never mention his Mercedes at his business — the staff don’t know he has one. One uncle berates me every time I do something “extravagant” like fill the office fridge with soft drinks or get an expensive haircut. Actually he didn’t like my disclosure to staff that I got suckered into the expensive haircut, “What will they demand if they know you spent that much?”, he said. Aside: never tell a cute hair-stylist “do whatever you want” without getting a written quote.

Maybe it was my time in IT, but I treat my staff as if they are smart and loyal. If I inform and empower them, they’ll make better choices for my business. They are more brutal on discount requests than I ever was.

While none of them eagerly await weekly or monthly P&L’s there is a culture change occuring.

Can anyone support this idea with examples of their own?

28 Days Later

Last Friday, Nella and I saw 28 Days Later directed by Danny Boyle.

This is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. I see it marketed as a horror movie but that is just plain wrong. Actually horror is correct if you use the pre-splatter film definition of the term. 28 Days Later invokes dread and fear for our heroes. I even considered covering my eyes at one spot. It is all done with suggestive editing. There is hardly any gore (but there is enough to set the scene).

This is the mother of zombie movies. It is also a top flight thriller. Basically a quick incubating and highly infectious virus called Rage is unleashed on humankind. 28 Days after initial exposure, London (and England) is a ghost town. Our hero awakes from a coma to discover empty streets and and super-fast rage-infected zombies. That’s all you need to know without spoiling it. Make sure you sit through the end credits or you’ll miss something important.

Nella and I talked about this movie afterwards for at least an hour. That is how much the movie affected us.

It looks like it was shot on Digital Video and that makes the film even grittier and creepy. It’s like watching video footage of the disaster.

Watch it even if you don’t like horror movies.

Film & TV category

Some of you know I’ve raised risk equity for feature films and independant production companies. Films and television are a passion of mine.

I’ve created the Film & TV category to write about Films and TV. The category probably won’t be too investment focused. I suspect I’ll comment on interesting trends or movies/TV I see.

Note I probably won’t write reviews. That is a skill I don’t really want to develop and there are better sites out there for reviews. Instead I’ll tell you why I reacted to the movie/show.

Mr. Ray: The real ‘Nemo’sis

This CNNmoney article titled Mr. Ray: The real ‘Nemo’sis reports on a $10 Million USD suit by childrens entertainer mr. Ray against Disney and Pixar.

mr. Ray (the musician) has a trade mark for his stage name and is worried merchandising for the Mr. Ray character in Pixar’s movie Finding Nemo will bury him.

The key point is that mr. Ray has trademark protection. So many small businesses overlook this step. Litigating trademark disputes is expensive and stressful. But how would you feel if Rupert Murdoch managed to release a movie with your business name in it and it squeezed you out of your trading name?

mr. Ray will probably benefit from the publicity regardless of any damages.

I need links

We had over 1,000 hits in August. One of the other sites hosted on this same server has some Kawasaki Jet Ski maintenance manuals. It got over 201MB of traffic in August on 500+ hits. With zero promotion. Googlebot is your friend, but I think Jet skiers are scary people.

The traffic here surprised me, especially given some of the outages we had. Hello to everyone visiting from Steve McKnight’s forum at

If you have a webpage or influence over one, I’d appreciate a link to

William Gibson has a blog!

I’m going to stretch to make that headline relevant, I don’t think I’ll succeed…

William Gibson has a blog. If you dpn’t know who William Gibson is, you have a choice:

  1. one of the early leading-lights of the cyberpunk SF writing movement;
  2. an astonishing writer;
  3. go back your morning bagel, who cares?.

Two out of those three are accurate.

Anyway, William Gibson maintains a blog where he writes about his writing. I just found it. His fiction is philosophical and and explores social dynamics against a backdrop extrapolated from today’s technology.

My blog is about what I think and is essentially philosophical. I am drawn to well written commentaries that go beyond what the writer had for breakfast. William Gibson breathes the zeitgeist of dot.generation, but is aloof and beyond it. Hell, he lives in Canada and writes novels for a living!

By the way I found it while looking for RSS feeds at I was looking in response to a two comments, one from Sim’ asking what I read (that list is coming next), and the other from Gary Gilmore that MyWireService is another web-based RSS feed.