Sell & Buy 5265 BHP @ 8.60

I haven’t heard if this deal went through at the market close but I assume it did. I basically sell and buy back at the same price thereby chrystalising some losses on BHP for the end of financial year.

The options trades have been profitable so the entire position wasn’t too bad until this week. Fund managers sold whatever they could to set themselves up for next year.

I probably should not have bought BHP back but I’m enjoying the options writing. And I think it’s a profitable strategy.

Flu and Harry Potter

I thought I was doing very well, having ducked 4 flu’s around the office this winter. Pride goeth before the fall. So I’m feeling miserable with a box of tissues.

I’ve been reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (HP4) with my 9 year-old daughter, Gaby, then burning a little midnight oil reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix (HP5). Tonight Gaby tells me a huge spoiler for it. Damn! Raised voices and a little tantrum from Dad. That’s why I don’t blog on my superiour parenting skills I guess.

I blame the flu.

Navra Funds

I finally found time to meet with an advisor from Navra Financial Services. We discussed property and share investments as well as an investment in the Navra Blue Chip Australian Share Retail Fund. The financial plan is being prepared and will be ready in a couple of weeks. Very exciting stuff.

Hopefully we’ll buy another investment house soon if I can get my business affairs in order.

Steve Navra then showed me some results of his recent trades and I can admit I’m jealous. Luckily my own trading is greatly influenced by Steve’s ideas so I am only a little green.

One of my frustrations at the moment is being stretched thin. I wear the hats of husband, boss, father, investor, friend and club member. I feel like I am doing none of them well. One of the ways to improve my overall success is to delegate some of the jobs. So good investment results without large time commitment on my part is better than great results with huge time investment.

It’s a kind of strange life-balance equation.

End-of-Year Planning

My accountant called me a week or so ago. He’s great and asked me a bunch of questions about my end-of-year planning. I told him I’d considered it all and was up to speed.

It’s amazing how much I’d overlooked, I really should use more checklists. I took care of paying all my staff superannuation before June 30 but forgot to pay my personal super. Doh! Nearly lost the tax-deductability of a years worth of super.

Second Correct Answer

I was interviewing for new distributors today. It was strange as I had my Queensland manager down to help. One interesting side-effect of the shuttle interviews was two correct answers to the same questions. But our answers were often diametrically opposed, even contradictory. How can this be?

One sign of maturity is recognising there is more than one correct answer to many questions. (Thanks Sim’)

The first answer that jumps into my head is often correct. The better answer often arrives second.

Being decisive is a powerful skill. Pausing to ask for the second correct answer generates extraodinary results.

Stolen Servers

Our offices were broken into last night. Of the four computers on the computer bench the second one was stolen. It didn’t look like the best computer, but it was our file server. The ADSL router was left behind.

So who would benefit most from grabbing our accounts system. Or benefit from preventing me from proving a claim of financial impropriety.

Luckily I have off site backups of the important financial and stock information.