New Wealth Esteem Category

I’ve decided to create the new category where I’ll blog about the stuff that fills, wastes and fulfills my workday.

Stay tuned for:
Succession Wars;
Distributor disputes;
Cashflow mayhem;
Empowering staff to build a great company.

There is also:
Tantrums and hissy-fits;
My failed clean-desk policy.

And that was just today!

General Update

It turns out some of my friends check this blog to see if I’m still ok. Taking over the company and turning it around has consumed most of my waking hours. However I will probably go to the Somersoft forum lunch at Phillips Foote in the Rocks this Sunday.

So I’m thinking of documenting my work/business experiences here as well.

I wonder if I should create a new category or leave it in Psychology of the Deal. Technically it will be diary of a capitalist rather than the usual POP-psych stuff. But I don’t want too many categories.